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Softicator - promoting romanian software

Softicator - promoting romanian software

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softicator.ro wishes to become the first Romanian social network, dedicated to programmers, developers and software consumers from Romania. Initially conceived as a Romanian software catalog / director / portal, the website transformed, along the way, in an increasingly interactive interface, for the Romania Internet users, involved in the software field.

The subscribed software can be accessed on the basis of popularity, their adding date on the website or by tags or category in which they were placed. The website team tries periodic publication of articles (posted, simultaneously, in the PC Magazine Romania), about successful or new Romanian software, about events and trends in the field of software, in Romania.

Basically, any developer of Romanian software or from Romania can add software, on the website, through a relatively simple and PAD standard compliant procedure.

The website supports and encourages the Open Source culture, promoting, by all means, any attempt of Romanian developers in this regard. Also, the website's team tries to periodically organize Open Source and software news conferences, in educational centers (universities, high schools, etc.).

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