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We're blogging!...

Because we have a lot to say, but we lack the free time to share in detailed articles or well documented samples, all that we consider to be interesting or useful in programming, we decided that a blog would be the ideal space both to share from our "software experiences", as well as to talk to you, our visitors and clients!

Unfortunately for some of you, again due to the lack of time, the blog will only be published in english. We hope that you will be able, still, to enjoy it.

So... we are waiting for you on our blog, and don't forget to write us (as comments) your opinions regarding the articles we'll try to post as ofter as possible!

Updated portfolio

Although we don't have a lot of free time, due to the projects that, almost in spite of the recent "economical crisis", keep crowding us, we've considered necessary to update the company's portfolio with some of the newest and most successful projects and collaborations, to offer our potentially customers visitors an additional reason to cont(r)act us.

And for those that wonder, YES, the new version of The Cities Map websites network is in construction, and will be released soon! We will make a big fuss about it, don't worry... ;)

And yet, it's moving!

We worked a lot in the past year, on new projects, but especially building our first national service, namely the HartaFirmelor.ro network.

We've tried and, we say, have succeeded, at least partially, to launch a new service for Romania, that offers, based on the new "current" on the web, namely the virtual maps, a collection of companies, tourist attractions and public interest locations from the biggest cities in Romania.

We are, perhaps, at half way in this project, but we got courage, we have acquired experience and were encouraged by those with whom we intersected our paths, which makes us to believe that our choice is a winner.

In the following months, we should finalize several other projects, so that, probably in spring 2009, we are to re-invent ourselves, releasing a new version of our interactive maps, more oriented towards the user.

News in the portfolio

We've updated our portfolio! We are way too busy so to add each work on its release date, so when we get some free moments, we take the opportunity to update our portfolio with the latest work created.

But that's not all! We're getting ready (as soon as possible) for a new section in the website, where we'll present (at least) one recently launched service, creating heat among the internet users. So... stay close!


The RomaniaRealEstate.ro web portal wishes to be the fastest growing Romanian real estate database, both as size and quality. Developed in less than two months, it already contains about 2000 real estate offers and requests, with over one hundred subscribed real estate agencies.

You could read more in the portofolio.

bratech.ro got a facelift

We had to wait for a long time to manage this kind of opperation. And that's only because at bratech the customer is always our first priority. The last year's works forced us to postpone this launch several times.

We hope you'll be delighted with the website's new look and that you'll find all its information attractive. Shortly we'll initiate an articles page, also new products will be released soon... Watch us closely!

We've launched a new product!

BratechImob is the optimal solution for the Romania's real eastate agencies. It's easy to use and covers all the aspects that a real estate agent might have to deal with.

The "multi-images per record" support, the reminder and the phone number quick search are only a few of the great features this product has to offer. Go see for yourself!

Continental Real Estate website released

After one month of development, the Continental real estate agency's website has been successfully released!

A relatively young company, but with a team of motivated professionals, has now a new tool to enforce itself into the market. Read details about this success story.

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